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Welcome to Athens taxi 247!

We offer professional and high quality services. We specialize in leisure and business trips. A team of responsible taxi drivers corresponds in your needs. Our luxurious cars are equipped with all amenities such as, CLIMA, GPS NAVIGATOR and TV. We would be happy to offer our services and to fulfill all your needs. All our drivers are influently English, French and German speakers. 


How can I recognize the driver?
The drivers are waiting for entertained in the arrival with a notice with the names entertained. If you have any problems in the finding of a  driver or with the transport, you can call whenever our line of help. 
How can I pay for the transport?
The transports are paid immediately in the driver. If you interest yourselves and for your return, also,you can agree from the beginning with the driver. 
What hours are the prices;
05:00 - 24:00

Among the Provided Services are: :

  • Transportation from and to airports - harbors railway and bus stations

  • Taxi cab allotments per hour or on daily or monthly bases

  • Freight transportation all over Greece

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